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Synchronicity Technology is a publisher. Our newsletters and independent research team inform the participants on how market behave in relation to cycle, maths, pattern and fractals. Each model we use give us indications on market’s past, present and future prospecting. Our goal is to educate people who wants to know about how market behave according to economical cycles, technical analysis mathematics and we intend to show our subscribers and readers those relations in different reports that we will provide on a monthly or a weekly basis, or twice, depending on their subscription plan.


Our reports are based on our methodology that looks for synchronicity in different models we have tested over 2 decades. Synchronicity Technology which looks for probabilities of successful trades may suggest that some instruments might be a good investment but at no time Synchronicity Technology will make specific recommendations to any specific subscriber or reader. At no time the subscriber or reader will be justified to think that such reports are a recommendation or intend to be a recommendation. We are not a registered investment advisor, and nothing in Synchronicity Report Alert (SRA) and Synchronicity Technology website content is intended, and it should not be construed, to be an investment advice.


Investing carries important risks, and options and futures are especially risky. These are highly leveraged instruments. We produce a newsletter who studies market with a technology we developed over 2 decades, built to help and educate people and institutions with investment ideas for information use only. We cannot warranty any success and no service or financial instrument has a 100% accuracy.


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