Gold might begin to go up in October based on the mathematical model and trading pattern according to Synchronicity technology.


Very few of market watchers have been able to see a rise in gold (market) in 2012 and it follows years of down market. Many back then were calling for US dollars collapse, and view gold as a safe haven in the surface of all the uncertainty surrounding the economy around the world.


Experts were mentioning how the coming easing from the central bank and their loose monetary policy and quantitative easing (QE) would drive gold to the roof. Market participants were positive on gold and the consensus was that gold would continue it’s moving up even though it had rallied for the last 12 years. The trade was unfortunately too crowded and the market reverses its course. The buyer was exhausted and the market needed a pause.


Trillions of debt have been created, and Gold price has been under performing for 5 years now in the face of the extraordinary monetary policy applied by the central bank. Why? Why gold under performs, with monster QE and a massive money printing because there is a time for everything! What people fail to realize is that there is no relation, at least short terms with gold and money. Just have to look at Japan’s currency and its extraordinary monetary stimulus. It fails to move gold in terms of Yen.


People want us to consider gold will slow down because of the not so fast process of money printing by the central bank. Market participants need to see that cycles are important when come to decide when to buy and sell. Perception is another factor that drives the asset price.


What makes Synchronicity so unique is that its models can identify potential time zone to buy or sell and well before the actual catalyst happen. It helps investors plan and sync their investment decision so that they can position their portfolios in advance of the movement.


Traders use it to raise their chances of success and challenge their investment scenario. Most of them wait and look the first move that can confirm the market call.


The biggest asset managers are too big to wait for the first move. They must commit and buy well before if they want to accumulate a large stake at a good price without influencing the market too much.


Back in 1998 very few were positive on gold. It was in a bear market for decades and we all know what happens next, a monster rally began. For those of us who study pattern, it was easy to see in 1998 the commodity and gold were in for a decade rally at least based on the historical cycle. That is where the pro usually gets in first, they understand cycle investing. They position themselves. However, the public will slowly get in after the first motion.


But nothing is permanent. Eventually, supply comes with the new opening of mines and the market becomes full with over supply again. It’s easy to buy, but the most important is to know when to sell???Timing is what people dream to have it right.


Traditional media are often late in the party. As the price of gold went up after 2000, they slowly begin to talk about it. It eventually hit the front back of magazines and newsletters and research firm on Wall street made bullish case for the precious metal. But not so many of them have spoken about the timing to sell. For those who look to purchase gold and search for the best timing to get in the gold trading Synchronicity technology models see a potential reversal on the upside in October November 2017.


We do not know yet what will be the reason for the next rally but we see a big chance that gold will start to move up again based on our models. We make the gold investors aware that if gold fails to move in the month ahead of 2018, it may indicate to us that we could be in for decades of bear market or sidelines. In this eventuality, we would look at $ 1277 for the next major resistance. It could well be the next ceiling for years if the rally does not come. So the next few months will be crucial for gold investors and traders around the world.


There is a strong Synchronicity happening now that pushes us to believe that this month of October is crucial, an important one to watch. We see some Synchronicity around that trade. First, the cycle of US dollars look to turn bearish for the next 4 to 5 years around October. In addition, we have a pattern pointing to a stock market drop based on a pattern. The same pattern that predicts perfectly the 2007 crisis.


We see a strong possibility that the crisis will get much bigger than the financial crisis of 2007. That is what the model is suggesting. It is not that all our models point for such scenario but there is enough Synchronicity to alert our members and inform them to watch very carefully the gold price move in October.


We could see the VIX bottom as well as a stock market rise in October. The US dollars would begin its slide around that date. Meanwhile gold stock should move higher. Watch all indicators that can confirm the move, especially around that date.


Will update our PRO members a long the course of action based on our timing models. Synchronicity technology is the unique way to help market participants sync their investment with the flow.