Wall Street 2.0 cannot rely only on fundamental in a world where perceptions are more important than reality, where confidence changes as fast as newsflow. In a world where computers are prevailing in markets around the world.


Markets can be predicted with success because the human mind is like a computer with mathematical codes inside and the brain reacts with a certain predictability.


Participants overreact on the upside and downside with capital, looking for the hot sectors to invest in on a daily basis. Timing is everything for money managers who are valued by clients on a monthly basis for their long-term investment, which doesn’t make sense.


That’s when Synchronicity helps you to take clear decisions.

We scan the world market with multiple models tested over 2 decades. From mathematical and physics models to fractals and pattern recognition, just to name a few, Synchronicity will look for at least 2 models which are predicting the same events.

Each financial instrument has its own DNA. However, an analysis based on only one model has been proved ineffective for predicting future events with continuous success.

Only multiple models predicting similar events around the same time is considered as a potential trade to buy or sell, depending on the direction of the call.

We are continuously updating our models with an open mind so that we can stay on the top of the game.

Innovation drives productivity. Let’s plan the future with Synchronicity Technology.

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